Scienscope MZ7A Micro Zoom System on Standard Track Stand with 1080p HDMI/USB Camera, High Intensity LED Ring Light with Polarizer & 23″ HD LCD Monitor

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The Scienscope MZ7 Micro Zoom series can provide a high magnification image without chromatic aberration and distortion. Detented zoom for repeatable magnification settings and built-in internal focus module are perfect for FOV measurement applications as well as general inspection. Modular design allows you to interchange couplers and objective lenses to vary magnification, FOV, and working distance.


Focus mount adapter 76mm-39mm
Ring Light Adapter For MZ7 Lens
0.5X Video Coupler

Micro Zoom Lens Specifications
Micro Lens Zoom Range 0.7X – 4.5X
Magnification Range 4.7X – 1295.4X
Zoom Ratio 1:6.5
Field of View 91mm – 0.4mm
Working Distance 35mm – 302mm
Focus & Zoom Control Manual
Video Mount C-Mount
Camera Format 1/2″
Available coupler 0.5X, 0.67X, 1X, and 2X
Available objective lens 0.25X, 0.5X, 0.75X, and 2X

Standard Track Stand Features:

  • Contoured base for comfort and ergonomics.
  • Rack & pinion adjustment for smooth movement.
  • Ideal for smaller parts or crowded work areas.
Total Weight 6lbs
Dimensions 9.3″W x 11.2″D x 12.8″H
Microscope rack 76mm Standard
Vertical Travel Distance 4″
Warranty 1 Year

HD/USB High-Resolution Camera

The new Versa-Cam from Scienscope is the next step in the evolution of our powerful line of digital HD cameras for microscopy. The Versa-Cam can be used as a “live image” HD (1080p) camera connected to a monitor using an HDMI cable or as a USB 2.0 camera with USB cable connected to any computer or Windows Tablet. Now the choice between live HD monitor inspection and high resolution USB camera capture and annotation is made at the camera…not between cameras.

Features: HD/HDMI Mode

  • 1080p (1920 x 1080) HD image @60fps
  • Onscreen control bar and setting menu
  • lmage and video capture to SD card
  • Split-screen live image | Captured image comparison (Picture in Picture)
  • Image and video gallery I Image and video review
  • Vertical and horizontal line generator
  • Save line generator configurations
  • Wireless mouse support and control
Features: USB 2.0 Mode

  • 2 Mega-pixel resolution (1920 x 1080)
  • Image and video capture with windows 8 or 10 camera app
  • lmage and video capture to SD card
  • Email, Save, or Print images
  • Image and video capture using included software
  • Annotation and drawing tools on live or captured images
  • Upgrade software with FOV measurement tools
Image sensor 1/2.86″ Panasonic, FULL HD 2.0 Megapixel
Effective pixels 1920 x 1080
Frame rate 60fps
Definition More than 1200 lines (the highest level)
Housing Aluminum
White balance Automatic/Manual/Continuous
Brightness control Automatic/Manual/Continuous
Color R/G/B adjustable
OSD Yes, in HDMI mode
Freeze image Yes
Edge enhancement / Sharpening Yes
SD card slot Supports up to 32GB SD card
Cross Hair Multi-color, small or large
Horizontal & vertical lines Multi-color, two lines for each (positions can be moved)
Noise Reduction Support
HDMI 1080P

120 LED Ring Illuminator with Polarizer Features:

  • UV Free
  • 120 High quality white LED’s
  • Adjustable/dimming control
  • Compact design
  • Includes quick release polarizer
Brightness 2kfc
Color temperature 6000k – 7000k (cool white light)
Power input 24VDC 0.5A
Power output 24VDC 500ma
Inner diameter 2.4″
Life 10,000h
LED power 6W
Number of LED’s 120
Light Intensity Control Yes
Warranty 1 Year

23″ LCD 1080p HD Monitor

  • Doubles working distance and magnification for any C or C/S mount video lens or coupler
  • 1080p Resolution @ 60fps
  • Includes HDMI Cable
Magnification Table: MZ7 Video Specifications
Objective Lens W.D. (mm) Video Couplers
0.5X 0.67X 1X 2X
Mag F.O.V. (mm) Mag F.O.V. (mm) Mag F.O.V. (mm) Mag F.O.V. (mm)
0.25X 302mm 6.1X – 39.3X 91.4 – 14.2 8.2X – 52.6X 68.2 – 10.6 12.2X – 78.6X 45.7 – 7.1 24.4X – 157.2X 22.9 – 3.6
0.5X 176mm 12.2X – 78.6X 45.7-7.1 16.4X – 105.3X 34.1 – 5.3 24.4X – 157.2X 22.8 – 3.6 48.9X – 314.3X 11.4 – 1.7
0.75X 117mm 18.3X – 117.9X 30.5 – 4.5 24.6X – 157.9X 22.7 – 3.5 36.7X – 235.7X 15.2 – 2.4 73.3X – 471.5X 7.6 – 1.2
1X 96mm 24.4X – 157.2X 22.8 – 3.6 32.8X – 210.6X 17.1 – 2.7 48.9X – 314.3X 11.4 – 1.8 97.8X – 628.7X 5.7 – 0.9
2X 35mm 48.9X – 314.3X 11.4 – 1.8 65.5X – 421.2X 8.5 – 1.3 97.8X – 628.7X 5.7 – 0.9 195.6X – 1257.3X 2.8 – 0.4

* Packaged Specifications: Mag. = Magnification, F.O.V. = Field of View, W.D. = Working Distance

Versa-Cam User’s Manual
Download File


Scienscope 2x Auxiliary Lens for MZ7A Micro-Zoom Series
Product Code: SCSMZ7A-LA-20 $169.95
Scienscope 0.75x Auxiliary Lens for MZ7A Micro-Zoom Series
Product Code: SCSMZ7A-LA-07 $169.95
Scienscope 0.5x Auxiliary Lens for MZ7A Micro-Zoom Series
Product Code: SCSMZ7A-LA-05 $169.95
Scienscope 0.25x Auxiliary Lens for MZ7A Micro-Zoom Series
Product Code: SCSMZ7A-LA-02 $169.95

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