Steindorff® MTI2000 Inverted Trinocular Metallurgical Digital/Video Microscope - 100X - 1000X / Reflected Epi-Illumination / Digital & Video Camera

Steindorff® MTI2000 Inverted Trinocular Metallurgical Digital/Video Microscope – 100X – 1000X / Reflected Epi-Illumination / Digital & Video Camera

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Product Description


  • High Quality Trinocular Professional Inverted Metallurgical – Metallographic Microscope!
  • Perfect for Detailed Examination and Micro-Analysis of a Metallic Surface!
  • Inverted Design (Objectives Below the Stage).
  • Obtain Highly Magnified Images of Surface Structure.
  • Professional Grade Unit with Advanced Capability!
  • Excellent for a Variety of Industrial and Research Applications including Metallurgical Labs, Silicon Wafer Inspection, Industrial Inspection – Quality Control, and Foundries!
  • Compare to Similar Units costing Thousands More with name brands!
  • Great Quality Imaging at a Super Low Price!
  • Advanced Epi-Illumination Design provides Maximum Lighting for Optimal Image Clarity.
  • Light Travels Through the Objective, Reflects off Object’s Surface, and goes Back Into Objective!
  • Polarizing System: Includes capability for plane polarization for enhanced imaging of surface features.
Camera Equipment Included
  • High Resolution 3.1 MegaPixel Digital Camera System.
  • Complete Digital Microscopy Solution Included.
  • Capture high resolution digital microscope images, 2048×1536 pixels.
  • View and record full motion live video microscope images. Frame size options for video mode: 2048X1536 (up to 11 FPS, depending on PC), 1024 X 768, 640 X 480, 512 X 384.
  • Computer connected digital microscope camera connects via USB2.0. Includes USB cable and MS Windows software.
  • Color DSP built into camera provides sharp quality color images. Image sensor size is half inch.
  • Includes measuring capability with the software.
Eyepieces and Magnification

  • Four Magnifications: 100x, 250x, 400x, and 1000x.
  • Eyepiece Set Included: Wide Field 10x (F.N. 18mm).
  • Four PLAN DIN Objectives: 10x (8.9mm W.D.), 25x (0.76mm W.D.), 40x (0.67mm W.D.), and 100x (Dry, 0.44mm W.D.).
  • These PLAN Objectives are Superior Quality and the Most Expensive. The Achromatic and Semi-Plan as Found on Other Scopes are the Cheaper Quality.
  • Spring Loaded 40x and 100x Objectives to Protect Objectives and Specimens.

  • Variable Intensity 20W Halogen Epi-Illumination in External Rear Housing.
  • Light Aperture Diaphragm Adjustment.
  • Lamp Centering Knobs for Precision Alignment of Light Source for Optimal Images.
Head – Inter Pupillary Distance – Diopter

  • 45 Degree Inclined Trinocular Head, Rotatable 360 Degrees.
  • Adjusts to the Distance Between your Eyes: 55 to 75mm Inter Pupillary Distance.
  • Diopter Adjustment to Correct for Your Specific Vision Needs.
Condenser – Iris – Filters

  • Drop-In Filter Holder.
  • Three Filters Included: Yellow, Blue, Green.
  • Iris Diaphragm Adjustment for Better Light Control.
  • Condenser Alignment Knobs.
Stage Specifications

  • Large Mechanical X-Y-Z Movable Stage: Size 180mm x 150mm.
  • Large Unobstructed Open Stage is Perfect for Oversized Specimens that would not Fit on an Upright Model.
  • Low Position Coaxial X-Y Stage Movement Knobs – Range of Movement: 15mm (X-Direction) x 17mm (Y-Direction).
  • Detachable Stage Slide Clip.
  • Coaxial Fine and Coarse Focusing Knobs on Both Sides of Microscope.
  • Coarse Adjustment Travel Range: 20mm (Stage Movement Distance Up/Down).
  • Fine Adjustment Division: 0.002mm.
  • Adjustable Lock Ring Stop to Limit Coarse Range to Protect Objectives and Specimens.
  • Tension Adjustable Coarse Focusing.
Frame – Base – Size – Weight

  • Total Overall Height of Microscope: 345mm.
  • Instrument Weight: 19 lbs.
Included Items

  • Includes: Instruction Manual, Extra Bulb and Fuse.
  • Includes bottle of immersion oil for use only on the 100x oil immersion lens.
FREE Bonus

  • FREE Microscope Measuring Kit Included
  • Includes: Stage Micrometer with 1mm in 100 divisions, 0.01mm resolution for precise calibration of measuring reticle.
  • Includes: Extra WF10x Eyepiece with Built-In Measuring Reticle, X-Scale, 10mm in 100 divisions, 0.1mm Resolution.
  • Call Us Today to Discuss Your Measuring Needs and How This Microscope Will Work for You!
  • BONUS: Includes a carrying case with Precut Foam for safe transportation of your precision instrument.
Other Details

  • Microscope manufacturing factory certified ISO: 9001 compliant.
  • All optical lens are precision ground glass for premium optics and durability.
  • Frame of microscope is sturdy and made of metal.
  • Voltage is 110V (contact us about 220V).
Product Warranty

  • Warranty! The Quality of the product is Assured! You are covered by a 5 Year Warranty on microscope equipment!

Additional Information

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 18 x 16 in


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