Steindorff® NYMC790 Trinocular Stereo Digital/Video Microscope
Steindorff® NYMC790 Trinocular Stereo Digital/Video Microscope

Steindorff® NYMC790 Trinocular Stereo Digital/Video Microscope

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Product Description


  • High Quality Professional Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope!
  • Bright and Clear 3-D Stereoscopic Images!
  • Perfect for Studying Plant-Animal-Mineral Specimens. Also Fits Many Industrial Applications!
  • Great for Gemologists, Collectors, Engravers, Document Examiners, Students, Schools, Research Labs, QC Stations, and for Circuit Board Inspection and Repair.

Specific Features

  • Extra Large Glass in Eyepieces for Ease of Viewing and Less Eyestrain. The Glass Itself is 1" Diameter! Other Models are Only 3/4" Across!
  • Before buying a different model, be sure to check their glass size. Most are much smaller than this.
  • If you buy a cheap stereo scope, you may find you have to be so close your eyelashes touch the glass just to see inside.

USB Camera Equipment

  • Includes a Complete Microscopy System to Capture Live Digital Video on Your Computer!
  • USB Connected Microscope Camera is Included!
  • WARNING! Cheaper USB Cameras DO NOT include a Reduction Lens System! You Will Be Disappointed with a unit that is Missing this Critical Lens. The Lens is Necessary to Reduce the Severe Cutting of Field done by the CCD chip. This Unit INCLUDES a 0.5x Reduction Lens!
  • Turn Your Computer into a Microscope Video Image Capture System!
  • Take High Quality Still Color JPG Images, Sizes: 640 x 480 and 320 x 240 Pixels!
  • Easy Connection to your Computer via USB!
  • Great Optical System for Capturing High Quality Clear Digital Images!
  • SIMPLE! – Just Insert Camera, Load the Included Software and Plug into your Computer's USB Port!

Carrying Case

  • BONUS: Includes a Carrying Case with Precut Foam for safe transportation of your precision instrument.

Eyepieces and Magnification

  • Zoom Range 7 – 90x Continuous Magnification (using both eyepiece sets).
  • Wide Field 10x and Wide Field 20x Eyepiece Sets Included.


  • Independent Variable Intensity Dual Halogen Upper and Base Illumination.
  • Most similar scopes are not independent, so the intensity is adjusted for both upper/lower simultaneously with one knob.

Microscope Head Features

  • Binocular Microscope head on ergonomic 45° viewing angle with capablity to rotate head 360 degrees.
  • The interpupilliary distance, distance between the microscope eye tubes, adjusts from 55 to 75mm to fit each user.
  • Both ocular eyetubes have a diopter adjustment allowing for correction of vision through the microscope optics.

Included Items

  • Includes Rubber Eye Guards for Blocking Stray Light.
  • Includes Double Sided Black/White Disc Plate to Replace Glass Stage Plate.
  • Includes: Instruction Manual, Dust Cover, Extra Bulb and Fuse.

Additional Information

  • Manufactured under ISO: 9001 Standards.
  • Precision Ground Glass Lens.
  • Quality Construction, Metal Frame.
  • 110 VAC (email about 220V availability).

Five Year Warranty

  • This microscope product is covered by a 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty!
  • The warranty covers manufacturing defects. Abuse or damage due to dropping is not covered.
  • If your system needs repair, simply let us know and we will see that it is back in service ASAP.

Additional Information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 18 x 16 in


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