Steindorff S-3000 LED Microscope Series



A new generation of microscopes feature plan finite or high contrast (HC) infinity corrected plan optics. Equipped with 5w LED lamp, field diaphragm, abbe condensers and other optical components, the standard Köhler illumination system delivers consistently bright and free-from-glare specimen illumination, which optimizes a high image quality with brighter and sharper resolutions for photomicrography. The compact body is designed for flexibility which can perform various applications such as brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, and polarization. Trinocular microscope can be equipped with digital camera and LCD screen for photo and video documentation and image analysis. Limited 5 year warranty.

Viewing HeadSiedentopf Binocular or Trinocular head, 30° inclined and 360° rotatable, Interpupillary adjustment of 48mm-75mm
EyepieceHigh eyepoint WF 10x/22mm with diopter adjustable
NosepieceReversed, quadruple or quintuple
ObjectivesPlan Finite:
4x/0.1 160/0.17, 10x/0.25 160/0.17, 40xR/0.65 160/0.17, 100xR/1.25 oil 160/0.17
Models: NYMCS-3007 & NYMCS-3009
HC Infinity Plan:
4x/0.10 ∞/0.17, 10x/0.25 ∞/0.17, 20x/0.40 ∞/0.17, 40xR/0.65 ∞/0.17, 100xR/1.25 ∞/0.17
Models: NYMCS-3007HC & NYMCS-3009HC
Focusing SystemLow position coaxial coarse and fine focus adjustment knobs, 37.7mm per coarse rotation, 0.1mm per fine rotation, fine focus graduation of 1um, calibration 0.002mm
Stage216mm x 150mm built-in double layer mechanical stage, Graphite surface, rounded edges, Non-extending rack, Cross travel range of 55mm x 75mm, Verniers for X/Y coordinates
Condenser1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm position guide markings for different objectives.
IlluminationBuilt-in Köhler illumination with field diaphragm, 5w LED for optimum illumination


Universal Microscope Adapter, For Use With All Digital SLR Cameras
Product Code: NYMC-DSLR, T-MOUNT $368.00


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