Steindorff® S1150 Dual View Teaching Microscope with Hitachi Color Camera Microscope

Steindorff® S1150 Dual View Teaching Microscope with Hitachi Color Camera Microscope

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Product Code: S1150, HIKPD20A, AESTA-4812A, CABLES
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This microscope is ideal for use with either a photo or video setup. It also can be used as a dual view microscope having two people view at the same time. The dual viewing tube is at 90° angle and comes with an eyepiece. Each eyepiece is wide field 10x with a 18mm field of view. The four-positioned nosepiece has ball bearing movement with internal stops and sealed construction. The objectives are achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x. A built on graduated mechanical stage is included, 125mm x 110mm that has 40mm and 70mm X-Y travel. The substage is an N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser, which has an adjustable iris diaphragm with blue filter. Focusing is done with a precise coaxial coarse & fine adjustment mechanism. The 6V 20W halogen built in illumination system has variable intensity control, which is usually found in more expensive binocular microscopes.


  • 10x WF eyepiece includes calibrated pointer
  • 90° dual view (video) head
  • Heads rotate 360° for convenient viewing
  • Quadruple reverse nosepiece
  • Achromatic or Plan objectives 4x, 10x, 40xR and 100xR (R=retractable) are parfocaled and parcentered
  • Substage 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm for resolution and contrast control
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing
  • Rack and pinion mechanisms
  • Positive stops at both ends of the stage travel to prevent damage to delicate specimens or optics
  • Adjustable condenser diaphragm with Koehler illumination
  • Large built in mechanical stage 5.5" x 5.25" allows for smooth X-Y travel in 1mm graduations
  • Tension adjustment eliminates stage drift
  • Stylish low profile arm rest allows for comfortable operation while resting hands on base
  • Dust cover and instruction manual
Model Eyepiece Head Objectives Focusing Stage Illumination Warranty
S1150 10x wide-field, 18mm lens 90° dual view (video) Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40xR, 100xR Coaxial Built-in MS 1.25 abbe condenser, iris diaphragm Halogen Five Years + Free One Year Extension
S1150PL Plan 4x, 10x, 40xR, 100xR

The1/2" KP-D20A interline transfer CCD with micro lenses color camera, 752 x 582 pixels, features 480 TV lines resolution, >50dB signal to noise ratio, 1.5 to 100,000 lux scene illumination with auto iris lens, electronic shutter to 1/30,000 second, 3 mode white balance (ATW, AWC and manual), CS lens mount, digital signal processing, backlight compensation, text display, 4 times digital zoom and auto iris lens output


  • Small and light weight (44 (W) x 44 (H) x 49 (D) mm – 130 g approx.)
  • High sensitivity (Minimum illumination (F 1.2, AGC 31 dB) – KP-D20A 1.5 lx)
  • Y/C outputs and RS-232C Control is provided
  • Digital zoom (The screen can be smoothly enlarged up to 4 times.)
  • Multi Function (Picture control parameters can also be adjusted with the aid of on-screen menus, thus enabling optimum adjustments to match the application.)
Camera Specifications
Pickup element Interline transfer type CCD – CCD (with on-chip microlenses)
Total pixels NTSC: 811(H) x 508(V)
Effective pixels NTSC: 768(H) x 494(V)
Scanning area Equivalent to 1/3" pickup tube NTSC: 4.88(H) x 3.66(V) mm
Unit cell size NTSC: 6.35(H) x 7.4(V) μm
Sync system Internal
Video signal output Composite video: 1.0 Vp-p/75 Ω unbalanced – BNC Y/C Y: 1.0 Vp-p C: 0.3 Vp-p (Burst) 75 ohms unbalanced 4pin (C7648-01-201)
Remote control RS-232C Round multi-connector, 4 pin (HR10A-7R-4SB)
S/N More than 50 dB (luminance signal, standard gain, enhancer and gamma off)
Resolution Horizontal: NTSC More than 480 TV lines Vertical: NTSC More than 350 TV lines
Scene illumination range 1.5 to 100,000 lx (F1.2, Auto-iris lens)
AGC Selectable: off, 6, 12, 21 and 31 dB (factory setting is 21 dB)
Backlight Compensation On/off switchable Sensing areas: selectable from 9 areas
Auto-iris lens outputs (a) Video signal input type lens Luminance signal: 1.0 Vp-p/high impedance Power supply: 12 V DC 60 mA
(b) Iris control voltage input (galvanometer) type lens Coupling coil impedance – Damper: 1150 Ω ± 10 % , Drive: 190 Ω ± 10 %
White balance Selectable auto-tracking (ATW), preset (AWC), manual (MANUAL) (R/B gain adjustment)
Digital zoom Enlarged up to 4 times smoothly
Text display One line of up to 24 alphanumeric characters selectable display position
Power supply 12 V DC ± 10%
Power consumption 220 mA approx. (including Auto-iris lens Power supply)
Lens mount CS mount (C mount adaptor (LA-D20AB) optionally)
Camera mount Tripod adaptor (TA-D20AB) optionally
Ambient temperature -10 to +50° C (+14 to +122° F), 30 to 80 % RH (Note)
Storage ambient 20 to +60° C (-4 to +140° F), 20 to 90 % RH
Vibration endurance Less than 29 m/s2, 10 to 55 Hz 30 minutes each on XYZ axes
External dimensions 44 (W) x 44 (H) x 49 (D) mm ( not including lens and protrusions)
Mass 130 g (4.6 oz) Approx. ( not including lens and protrusions)

Additional Information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 18 x 17 in


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