Steindorff® S20 Basic Stereo Microscope

Steindorff® S20 Basic Stereo Microscope

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Product Description

This entry-level stereo microscope features real glass optics. The monocular head is inclined 45° and easily rotates 360°. Magnification is fixed at 20x with the included 10x eyepiece and 2x objective. The head assembly can be raised or lowered on the post to accommodate various size specimens. Included with the microscope is a reversible black & white stage plate that provides contrast. The microscope is made of all metal construction. Packaged in fitted styrofoam, includes vinyl cover and instruction manual. Comes with a five-year warranty. This microscope is recommended for children and middle school use.


  • Rugged metal frame, stands approx. 9½" tall
  • Locked on 10x wide-field eyepiece (23mm diameter)
  • Reversible white/black stage plate (60mm)
  • Monocular 45° inclined head rotates 360°
  • Rack and pinion focusing with built-in slip clutch
  • 2x objective (20x magnification)
  • 4¼" x 5¾" with 2 3/8" diameter stage with mounted stage clips
  • Includes instruction manual and a dust cover
  • Working distance is 74mm with a maximum specimen height of 40mm

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 12 x 8 in


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