Surgical Eye Loupe - Through the Lens

Surgical Eye Loupe – Through the Lens

Brand: Stac Surgical Eye Loupe
Product Code: STTL-2.5X / STTL-3.0X / STTL-3.5X
Simple SKU:  STTL-2.5X

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Product Description

Surgical Eye Loupes
Through the Lens (TTL)
with Titanium Frames (Made in Canada)

STAC Ultralight TTL telescopes are the perfect fit for the dental or surgical practitioners looking for a comfortable level of working magnification with expanded field sizes and long depth-of-fields.

The telescope design includes a custom declination angle which means you can improve your working posture when using your telescopes.

STAC TTL loupes are lightweight (without sacrificing optical quality), available with STAC ultralight titanium frame, and can comfortably be used with STAC Power Universal Clip on Portable LED Light.

  • Microscopic Lenses
    super achromatic lenses are used in every STAC loupe to provide you color corrected and aberration free image magnification.

  • Special Coating
    Every STAC lens gets triple layer proprietary coating to create virtually reflection free lenses. These reflection free lenses create super field and super depth of view even under low light conditions.

  • Laser Aligned
    Every STAC loupe is laser aligned to create sharpest image at your working distance.

  • Ergonomic Design
    Every STAC Loupe model is designed and developed keeping in mind maximum comfort and minimum working environment stress and strain for dentists, hygienists and surgeons.

STAC through the lens (TTL) loupes are ultra lightweight and one piece construction with same optic quality and performance for which the name STAC stands for. STAC TTL loupes are very popular among dentists, dental hygienists, surgeons, and veterinarians throughout the world.

Please provide your inter-pupillary distance and we will create a custom fit loupe for you. Allow 15 working days to custom make your order.

STTL-2.5x Specifications
Power: 2.5x Depth of View Field of View Working Distance
Small 80mm/3.15in 90mm/3.54in 340mm/13.39in
Regular 90mm/3.54in 100mm/3.94in
Long 110mm/4.33in 110mm/4.33in 500mm/19.69in
Extra Long 120mm/4.72in 120mm/4.72in 550mm/21.65in
STTL-3.0x Specifications
Power: 3x Depth of View Field of View Working Distance
Small 60mm/2.36in 60mm/2.36in 340mm/13.39in
Regular 80mm/3.15in 65mm/2.56in
Long 90mm/3.54in 70mm/2.76in 500mm/19.69in
Extra Long 100mm/3.94in 75mm/2.95in 550mm/21.65in
STTL-3.5x Specifications
Power: 3.5x Depth of View Field of View Working Distance
Small 50mm/1.97in 55mm/2.17in 340mm/13.39in
Regular 55mm/2.17in 60mm/2.36in
Long 60mm/2.36in 65mm/2.56in 500mm/19.69in
Extra Long 65mm/2.56in 70mm/2.76in 550mm/21.65in


Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 6 in


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