UNITRON Z10 Zoom Stereo Microscope Series on Boom Stand with Excelis HD Lite Camera – 1080p – 5.0 Megapixels

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Included in Package: UNITRON Z10 Zoom Stereo Microscope Series on Boom Stand


Included in Package: UNITRON Z10 Beam Splitter - 2 position

Included in Package: UNITRON 0.3x C-mount Adapter

0.30x C-mount

Included in Package: ACCU-SCOPE Excelis HD Lite Camera - 1080p - 5.0 Megapixels

SKU: UN11140, UN15636A, UN75-3354, UN111-16-01, UN5046, AU-300-HD Category: Brand:

Utilizing state of the art design and lens coating techniques, UNITRON’s Z10 Series provides users with an ergonomically designed, high magnification stereo microscope series that is ideal for routine inspections, failure analysis, quality control and life science applications.

Designed as a modular system the Z10 Series is offered with an Ergonomic Viewing Body (0° – 35°) or a 20° inclined binocular viewing body.

The Z10 Series features a choice of three different optical carriers. The Z10 has a magnification range of 0.8x to 8.0x.

A wide range of objectives are available to customize the Z10 Series for various applications. Plan achromat objectives are available in 1x (W.D. 78mm) and 2x (W.D. 32.5mm). A 0.5x Plan Apo objective (W.D. 126mm)

The standard 10x eyepieces provided a best in class, 24mm field of view (Accepts 26.5mm reticle, 2mm thickness). Eyepieces are also available in 15x, 20x and 25x magnification.

Five (5) Year warranty.

Z10 Features

  • Binocular (UN11140) or Ergonomic Binocular (UN11140-TB)
  • Magnification range of 8x to 80x
  • Seven defined, step magnification levels
  • Sharp, crisp optics with outstanding depth of field and no image distortion

Shared Features

  • Common Main Objective system with carefully selected lens surface coating and glass materials provide distortion free, original true color images.
  • Modular product design allowing for easy customization and upgrading
  • Parfocal optical design assures images remain sharp and in focus throughout the magnification range
  • 24mm field of view
  • 76mm standard interface allows for easy integration and compatibility with industry standard equipment.
  • Variety of plan apochromatic, plan achromat and achromat objective lenses
  • Ergonomic design provides outstanding user comfort

Boom Stand (UN15636A)

  • Safety tracks on the horizontal arm.
  • Features Delrin® inserts in the focus block to ensure smooth, precise movements.
Base Dimensions254mm x 254mm (10″ x 10″)
Vertical Post Dimensions365mm
Horizontal Post Dimensions518mm

Bonder Arm (UN75-3354)

  • Ø76mm focus mount
  • 5/8″ mounting pin
  • For use with Boom Stand, Ball Bearing Boom Stand, and Articulating Arm (Flex Arm) Stand
Z10 Specifications
10:1 Parallel Zoom Body
Objective LensWorking Distance (mm)Eyepieces
10x (Ø24mm)15x (Ø16mm)20x (Ø12mm)
Mag.F.O.V. (mm)Mag.F.O.V. (mm)Mag.F.O.V. (mm)
0.3x28.02.4x – 24x100 – 103.6x – 36x66.7 – 6.674.8x – 48x50 – 5
0.5x1264x – 40x60 – 66x – 60x40 – 48x – 80x30 – 3
1x788x – 80x30 – 312x – 120x20 – 216x – 160x15 – 1.5
2x32.516x – 160x15 – 1.524x – 240x10 – 132x – 320x7.5 – 0.75

* Packaged Specifications; Mag. = Magnification, F.O.V. = Field of View

UL/CUL, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Certified

The new Excelis HD color microscopy camera sets a new standard for excellence in high definition imaging for scientific and industrial applications.

Excelis HD's unique architecture is the only camera in its class to offer simultaneous live image output to an HD monitor and to a computer via USB 2.0. Images can be saved directly to a PC or Mac or onto the included 8GB SD card. Each camera is supplied with the PC/Mac compatible on-board image capture software that allows for basic image control. Or, for more image control, analysis and annotation, our full-featured CaptaVision PC imaging software is also included.


  • 1080p color camera with live video preview without any lag time or compression
  • HDMI & USB 2.0 output for video and images
  • Built-in mouse control software for HDMI viewing/recording without a computer
  • Simultaneous live image output to an HD monitor to a computer via USB 2.0
  • On-board camera software with basic image controls: auto/manual exposure time, 3D noise reduction, 1080p video recording, magnify (ROI), rotate, flip images, side by side comparison, browse images/video playback from SD card (PC & Mac compatible)
  • CaptaVision PC imaging software for more advanced image control, annotation & analysis
  • Exposure time of 0.001 seconds to 10 seconds, 20 scales of Gain value and incredibly efficient 3D noise reduction for fluorescence applications
  • APTINA MT9P031 sensor, dual FPGA processors and unique algorithms produce perfect color reproduction
AU-300-HD Specifications
Resolution (Live)1920 x 1080
Sensor1/2.5" (0.35x C-mount recommended); APTINA MT9P031
Frame RateHDMI (30fps); USB 2.0 (15fps)
Image Capture5.0 MP / High Speed SD Card (4GB)
Video CaptureHDMI: 1080p, 15fps to SD Card
USB 2.0: 1080p, 15fps to PC or Mac
Exposure Time0.001 sec – 10.0 sec
White BalanceAuto
SettingsGain, Gamma, Saturation, Contraction
Built-in SoftwareCloud 1.0
PC Imaging SoftwareCaptaVision Imaging Software (for PC only; Mac OS not supported)
Advanced Camera Controls: live/still image measurement and annotation, flat field correction; extended depth of focus (focus stacking); image stitching; HDR (High Dynamic Range) function
Image Types: JPEG, BMP, TIFF and RAW
Output ModesMode 1: USB 2.0 / Mode 2: HDMI
System CompatibilityWindows XP, Vista 7, 8 and 10 (32 or 64-bit)
Mac OS X (for image transfer to Mac OS X only)
System RequirementsIntel processor (Core 2 Duo or higher); 2GB memory or more; USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port
Power SupplyDC12V/1A
Warranty1 year

What's Included in the Box:

  • Excelis HD Camera
  • HDMI Cable
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • 12V Power Adapter
  • 4GB SD Card
  • USB Mouse
  • CaptaVision PC Imaging Software


UNITRON Polarizer & Analyzer With 1/4 Wave Plate for Z10 Series
SKU: UN111-30-15
UNITRON Iris Diaphragm for Z10 Series
SKU: UN111-17-01
UNITRON LED580 LED Ring Illuminator (UN15859 / UN15863)
SKU: UN15859 / UN15863
UNITRON LED140 LED Ring Illuminator (UN15864)
SKU: UN15864
Dolan-Jenner LMI6000 LED Dual Fiber Optic Gooseneck Illuminator (UN16114)
SKU: UN16114
Dolan-Jenner LMI6000 LED Annular Fiber Optic Ring Light (UN16113)
SKU: UN16113
UNITRON LED Fiber Optic Dual Gooseneck Illuminator (UN16116)
SKU: UN16116
UNITRON Z10 Beam Splitter – 2 position
SKU: UN111-16-01
UNITRON C-mount Adapters
SKU: UN111-25-05 / UN111-25-01 / UN5038 / UN5041
UNITRON Integrated LCD Computer, Digital Camera System
SKU: UN111-18-01
UNITRON LED Dual Gooseneck Illuminator (15857)
SKU: UN15857
UNITRON LED Ring Light with Simple Polarizer/Analyzer (UN15853)
SKU: UN15853
UNITRON LED Ring Illuminator with Variable Intensity Control Knob (UN15856)
SKU: UN15856
UNITRON LED Ring Illuminator (UN15852)
SKU: UN15852
UNITRON 2.0x Plan Achromat Objective, Working Distance 32.5mm
SKU: UN111-15-02
UNITRON Z10 Binocular Viewing Head
SKU: UN111-11-02
UNITRON Z10 Ergonomic Binocular Viewing Head
SKU: UN111-11-03
UNITRON Z10 Magnification Changer
SKU: UN111-14-03 / UN111-14-02 / UN111-14-01
UNITRON WF10x Stereo Eyepiece (Single), 22mm field of view, For Z850 Series
SKU: UN131-10-11
UNITRON WF10x Stereo Eyepiece (Single), 24mm Field of View, For Z10 Series
SKU: UN111-10-10
UNITRON WF15x Stereo Eyepiece (Single), 16mm Field of View, For Z10, Z850, Z730 Series
SKU: UN131-10-15
UNITRON WF20x Stereo Eyepiece (Single) – 12.5mm field of view – For Z10, Z850, Z730 Series
SKU: UN131-10-20
UNITRON 0.5x Achromat Objective, Working Distance 186mm
SKU: UN111-15-05A
UNITRON 0.3x Achromat Objective, Working Distance 280mm
SKU: UN111-15-03
UNITRON 1.0x Plan Achromat Objective, Working Distance 78mm
SKU: UN111-15-01
UNITRON 0.5x Plan Apochromatic Objective, Working Distance 126mm
SKU: UN111-15-05
Dolan-Jenner Annular Fiber Optic Ring Light Including Ring Adapter
SKU: DJMI-150RL, UN131-15-00
UNITRON LED Ring Illuminator with 10-Step Variable Intensity
SKU: UN15854
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