Unitron Z730 Stereo Series on Pole Stand - 7x - 30x Magnification
Unitron Z730 Stereo Series on Pole Stand - 7x - 30x Magnification

Unitron Z730 Stereo Series on Pole Stand – 7x – 30x Magnification

Brand: UNITRON Microscopes
Product Code: UN13204 / UN13234
Simple SKU:  UN13204

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Product Description

The Unitron Z730 Series with a 4.3:1 zoom ratio is an ideal choice for industrial inspection, assembly, quality control, OEM integration, research and education applications.Featuring outstanding optics and a large field of view with a high depth of focus, the Z730 reduces sample handling times allowing for faster inspections and a more efficient work process.


  • Pole Stand with 12” vertical post
  • Adjustable rack and pinion focus mount provides users with maximum flexibility for look at large size samples
  • Black and white stage plate
  • Choice of binocular (UN13204) or trinocular (UN13234) viewing body
  • WF10x focusable eyepieces, 20mm field of view
  • 7x – 30x magnification range
  • 97mm working distance
Optical System Twin zooming objective
Viewing Bodies Binocular or Trinocular with 50/50 light split
ESD Protection Viewing body is made from anti-electrostatic materials
Anti-Mold Anti-mold and airtight design
Magnification 0.7x to 3.0x (7x to 30x with 10x eyepieces)
Zoom Ratio 4.3:1
Working Distance 97mm (3.82 inches)
Viewing Angle 45 degrees for binocular and trinocular models.
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment 52mm – 75mm
Eyepieces (with diopter adjustment) WF10x/20mm with reticle holder (Accepts 26.5mm reticle, 2mm thickness)
Pole Stand 76mm focus mount diameter, 305mm pole height, 193mm focusing stroke, 240mm (w) x 290mm (d) x 318mm (h), 125mm black & white plate

CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ROHS Certified

Z730 Brochure
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Z730 User’s Manual
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Additional Information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 18 x 16 in
Viewing Head

UN13204 – Binocular, UN13234 – Trinocular, UN13234, UN132-25-05 – Trinocular w/ C-mount


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