ACCU-SCOPE, Inc. is a world leader of high quality, certified microscopes for clinical, research, educational and industrial applications. For over 60 years the optics are renowned for crisp, high contrast images with outstanding resolution. All mechanical components are manufactured and assembled to the strictest quality standards with a five-year limited warranty, and one year electrical warranty.

ACCU-SCOPE Microscopes’ roots date back to the 1920’s to an offshore medical importing company. They were later reestablished in New York City in 1961. The new owners adopted the name Bristoline. The company was sold to a Graham-Field, a major worldwide surgical dealer and was later purchased back from them and renamed ACCU-SCOPE Microscopes. Originally manufactured in Japan, they made their presence as a viable alternative to Nikon & Olympus Microscopes. Fast forward to the 21st century, where ACCU-SCOPE set its mark as a less expensive competitor to the larger brands Leica, Nikon, Olympus & Zeiss.

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