Seiler Surgical Scopes Teaching Assistant Viewing Package

Accessory of the Month: Seiler Teaching Assistant Viewing Package for Surgical Microscopes

Seiler Surgical Scopes Teaching Assistant Viewing Package – New York Microscope

This month, we’re highlighting the Teaching Assistant Viewing Package by Seiler Surgical Microscopes.

When it comes to using microscopes in an educational setting, nothing lets students get a closer look at their instructor’s work than the Teaching Assistant Viewing Package. With its secondary viewing tube and convenient beamsplitter, it’s not hard to see why this package is a staple of many classrooms.

Let’s learn more about the Teaching Assistant Viewing Package from Seiler Surgical Microscopes and why it’s our accessory of the month.

Why a Teaching Assistant?

Before we dive into the product itself, let’s learn a bit about why the Teaching Assistant Viewing Package is so valuable.

In a standard classroom setting, students can only see what their instructor is doing through the use of a classroom projector, which often produces low-quality images that aren’t of much help. Or, if a projector isn’t available, students have no choice but to rely solely on verbal instructions.

With the help of a secondary viewing tube, however, students can watch their instructors operate a microscope and examine samples in real time. Instead of settling for a grainy reproduction of the process, students can get a front-row seat to the action.

Keep in mind, however, that a secondary viewing tube is only part of the equation—in order to function, it also needs to be set up with a beamsplitter and viewing head.

Luckily for our customers, New York Microscope offers a complete Seiler Teaching Assistant Viewing Package for an exceptionally competitive price.

Why We Love the Seiler Teaching Assistant Viewing Package

The Seiler Teaching Assistant Viewing Package consists of these key components:

● Assistant Teaching Tube: Perhaps the most central part of the Teaching Assistant Viewing Package, the Assistant Teaching Tube allows a second person to view the operating surface simultaneously with the main user.
● Beamsplitter: The beamsplitter does exactly what its name suggests—it splits the light path in two, allowing one path to be viewed by the main user while the other is rerouted to a video camera, digital camera or Assistant Teaching Tube.
● Straight binocular head: This straight binocular head is fixed in a horizontal configuration. While it’s primarily used in conjunction with the Assistant Teaching Tube, it can also be used in the fields of otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) and colposcopy.

Unlike other secondary viewing tubes on the market, the Seiler Teaching Assistant Viewing Package comes fully equipped with everything you need to start teaching, including a beamsplitter.

Plus, thanks to its unique combination of high-quality components and a particularly low price, you won’t want to pass up on the value this package provides.

The Brand Behind the Accessory

Founded in 1945 by Eric H. Seiler and his wife Dora, Seiler is headquartered in St. Louis, Mo. The company consists of five main divisions, including medical, manufacturing, geospatial and planetarium.

Today, Seiler Surgical Microscopes division is known for manufacturing exceptionally high-quality microscopes and microscope accessories at competitive price points. Read all about Seiler’s surgical scope division in our brand of the month feature.

They respond to the needs of their customers by implementing cutting-edge technology into each product they create, and because of that are able to compete with some of the most prominent microscope manufacturers in the world.

You can purchase the Seiler Teaching Assistant Viewing Package for $6,920 from New York Microscope Company.