Selecting a suitable student microscope for children or hobbyist

Does the child or hobbyist view large specimens such as bugs, insects and rocks or collects coins or stamps? Then a stereo microscope is the correct choice…these are available in varying magnifications in either fixed, one magnification, turret style with two magnifications or zoom….the price goes up from fixed to zoom….most are equipped with top and bottom LED illumination.

If the child or hobbyist prefers viewing tiny micro organisms found in pond water such as euglena or protozoa or blood or plant cells then a compound monocular or binocular microscope is the correct choice….again, price varies according to features, such as mechanical stage, acrhomat or plan achromat objectives, binocular or trinocular.

Nowadays most microscopes are illuminated with tungsten (old style), halogen and the more popular LED. We also offer cordless and portable microscopes for the adventurer out in the field or where no electricity is available….some use ambient light and others are powered up with rechargeable batteries.

Solar panels are now available from Optika Microscopes from Italy allowing the microscope to go green at times! They even offer ALC – Automatic Light Control, so when changing the objectives the light is corrected and no need to adjust for each objective magnification.