K-12 Education & University

New York Microscope Company offers a wide selection of microscopes designed to meet the needs of students in the classroom and your institution’s budget. Let us assist you in transforming your classroom.

Student Microscopes

Designed with K-12 students in mind and can withstand years of use. These microscopes are easy to use, portable and affordable.

Meiji MT-40 LED Binocular Entry-Level Advanced Biological Microscope

Biological Microscopes

For classrooms and university students that require more advanced features. These microscopes come with higher quality optics and are ergonomically designed to fulfill all requirements of educational environments and small laboratories.

Digital USB Microscopes

Digital USB microscopes are all-in-one units equipped with a digital camera. These portable microscopes are perfect for classrooms or educational applications that require capturing images or streaming video.

The easy-to-use camera software is capable of measuring, annotating, image editing, and more.

OPTIKA B-190TB Digital Microscope with 8 Tablet - 3.14 Mega Pixels