Industry & Manufacturing

New York Microscope Company offers a wide range of microscope solutions for industrial applications including inspection, manufacturing, electronics, and failure analysis.

Boom & Wide Surface Systems

Highly configurable and cost-effective solutions for all industrial, electronics, and inspection applications. These systems can be customized with a variety of stands and illumination options.

Boom and Wide Surface Systems
Motic SMZ-168 Stereo Zoom Microscope with Dual Halogen Illumination - 7.5x - 50x Magnification

Stereo Modular Microscopes

Modular microscopes are an affordable option for applications requiring high resolution and large depth of field, such as circuit board inspection, gemology, repair and inspection of small parts.

Stereo modular microscopes can be customized to many configurations.

Measuring & Tool Makers Microscopes

Perform visual inspection and measurement of small items or components without a complicated system setup.

Made in Japan: Mitutoyo, Meiji Techno

Mitutoyo MF-G2017D Motorized Type Measuring Microscopes - XY Stage Travel Range 200 x 170mm
UNITRON 14350 EXAMET-5 Metallurgical Microscope with Reflected Illumination

Metallurgical Microscopes

Engineered to be your ideal solution for quality control and inspection of materials, metals, and alloys.

Industrial Digital Solutions

Industrial digital microscopes are equipped with a digital microscope camera capable of capturing and streaming high-definition images with accurate color reproduction. The easy-to-use software also allows you to perform measurements, calibration, and many other functions. 

For more, check out our digital microscope packages.

Available in boom stand, post stands, track stands, and flex/articulating arm stands.