Laboratory & Clinical

New York Microscope Company offers solutions for laboratory, clinical and life science research applications that demand the highest quality optics and ergonomic designs for working long periods of time.

Clinical & Laboratory Microscopes

Best-in-class performance and value for all your routine lab applications. These microscopes are commonly used for hematology, cytology, microbiology and other uses that require crisp resolutions and bright illumination.


OPTIKA B-510ERGO Ergo Binocular Biological Microscope-01
Labomed Lx400 Trinocular Digital Microscope Package

Digital Microscope Packages

Digital microscope packages offer the essentials needed to capture or stream images of your specimens. Every microscope is bundled with a digital microscope camera, adapters, and software.

The easy-to-use camera software is capable of measuring, annotating, image editing, and more.