The Compound Microscope and Romanticism

One of the most famous poems ever written about the natural world is Wordsworth’s “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.” The simple poem details a portrait landscape of the world from the eyes of a wanderer in the clouds. It represents our connection with nature and strongly reaffirms the Romantics’ views on nature, as well as celebrates a childlike wonder of the world.

Children are the most curious people who are fascinated by the world around them. They have the most impressionable minds and want the answers to their most common question; “Why?” Give the gift of answers and let your children explore all the wonders of the universe.

For many young children, their first look at the vastness of the world around them is through a compound microscope. This important piece of technology allows these inquisitive minds to see the make-up of the world for the very first time. It’s through compound microscopes that they can see organisms, cells, and bacteria for the first time.

We carry a variety of compound microscopes designed for students and younger children. They are durable and simple to use, yet powerful enough to allow your young minds see what’s exactly out there in the world. From the Swift GH Microscope for the very young to the Steindorff S3085L for older students and so much more, you can find the right microscope for your truth-seeker here at Microscope International.

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