Unitron Microscope – Marijuana Microscope: Product of the Month

Unitron Microscope – Marijuana Microscope: Product of the Month

This month, we’ll be spotlighting the Unitron Z850 stereo microscope. As a stereo microscope, the Unitron Z850 is designed to produce three-dimensional images using a low level of magnification.

Thanks to its rugged construction, ergonomic design and exceptional optics system, the Unitron Z850 can be used in the fields of cannabis inspection, biological analysis, quality control and more.

This model is also a very popular marijuana microscope for those making an investment in high-quality, high magnification equipment. The digital screen and image capture technology provides the highest degree of inspection for cannabis production.

Let’s learn more about the Z850 model from Unitron microscopes to explain why it’s New York Microscope’s product of the month.

Why We Love the Unitron Z850 Stereo Microscope

The Unitron Z850 is a stereo microscope, meaning that it uses two objectives as well as a combination of reflected and transmitted light to produce a three-dimensional image of the object.

This is why stereo microscopes are ideal for viewing large specimens such as cannabis, electronic components or tissue samples.

There are many reasons why this is our outstanding microscope of the month.

Here are top features which make the Unitron Z850 truly unique:

  • Twin zooming objective optical system
  • E-LED stand
  • Anti-electrostatic viewing body
  • Variable reflected and transmitted LED illumination
  • Widefield 10x/22 millimeter eyepieces with reticle holder
  • Anti-mold and airtight design
  • Zoom ratio of 6.3:1
  • Working distance of 115 millimeters
  • Included five-year warranty

Additionally, the Unitron Z850 comes equipped with the Excelis HDS Lite camera, which boasts the following standout features:

  • Integrated 11.6 inch HD monitor
  • 1080p color images
  • Live video preview with no lag time or compression
  • HDMI and USB 2.0 output for both video and images
  • Built-in mouse control software for HDMI viewing and recording without a computer
  • On-board camera software with basic camera controls and image settings
  • Simultaneous live image output
  • CaptaVision PC imaging software for advanced image control, annotation and analysis
  • Aptina MT9P031 sensor, dual FPGA processors and unique algorithms for flawless color reproduction
  • Frame rate of 30 frames per second for HDMI and 15 frames per second for USB 2.0
  • High-speed four gigabyte SD card
  • Included one year warranty for both the camera and the monitor

Unitron Microscope – Marijuana Microscope: Product of the MonthIn addition to its convenient built-in camera, high-definition monitor and advanced technical specifications, the Unitron Z850 is designed to provide the user with optimal comfort, and can withstand even the most rigorous use.

This microscope competes with Nikon and Olympus at a lower price point.

Unitron: The Brand Behind the Product

Now that we’ve talked about the noteworthy features of the Unitron Z850, let’s learn more about Unitron, the makers of this fine microscope.

Unitron is a renowned and respected American manufacturer of top-notch microscopes and optical accessories. Unitron was founded in the early 1950s in Boston, Mass. It was moved to New York in the mid-1970s, and it became a part of the Nikon instrument group in the early 1980s.

Today, Unitron is known as an exceptionally innovative microscope manufacturer with unmatched standards of quality. Its microscopes are manufactured in a worldwide network of facilities, and each of its microscopes is individually unpacked, assembled and tested by a team of skilled technicians in New York.

Plus, Unitron provides an industry-leading five year warranty (New York Microscope Company also offers a free service protection guarantee on microscopes, which provides purchasers with one free service or inspection per year for the life of the microscope).

Customers Love the Z850 Stereo Microscope

You can purchase the Unitron Z850 stereo microscope for the competitive price of $2,374 from New York Microscope Company.